Stolen Motorcycle Recovery

LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System for Motorcycles
  • A leader in Stolen Vehicle Recovery

    For over 30 years, LoJack has been a leader in the stolen vehicle recovery. We are bringing that experience and knowledge to the development of a new LoJack® System for motorcycles. Our research and development team is working create an enhanced, redesigned product, customized to meet the unique needs of motorcycle owners.

    We are no longer actively selling the LoJack® System for motorcycles. However, we still maintain the infrastructure to enable activation and recovery of motorcycles equipped with the LoJack System after they are reported stolen to Law Enforcement.

  • How LoJack® Technology Will Protect Your Motorcycle

    LoJack® units emit powerful signals that police can follow in their squad cars. When a bike outfitted with a LoJack® tracking unit is reported stolen, the system can be activated, allowing police to track, find and return the bike to its rightful owner/

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